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Configurable and Intuitive Web-Based Case Management Solutions

Spartan Technology Solutions’ case management systems are built to meet individual customer needs, resulting in increased productivity. Our specialized software is easy and secure with features that are designed for legal professionals! Spartan is the trusted solution, with over 5 million citizens served by offices using Spartan!


Our Technology

Superior in Design

Spartan Technology Solutions is a leading provider of judicial software. Our innovative design ensures intuitive, user-friendly solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Spartan's philosophy originated from flexibility and adaptability cornerstones--our unique software design process includes an in-depth customer requirements analysis resulting in advanced, best practice features for legal professionals.

Our Team

Innovators. Achievers.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service and software development. We have many years of experience in designing applications specifically for lawyers, judges and other legal professionals who need software tools that will help them do their job more effectively; plus our customer support representatives are happy to go above and beyond to ensure our customer's success.

Case Management Systems

Quality Case Management Software Solutions

Legal staff working together on computer

Prosecutor Case Management System

For Prosecutor Offices

Person on Computer

Public Defender Case Management System

For Public Defenders

Legal Professional on computer

Legal Case Management System

For general counsels and other legal departments

Judge on tablet

Court Case Management System

For Courts of all types

Staff working together

Pre-trial Intervention / Diversion Management

For Diversion Programs

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