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Case Management Software for Government Agencies

Spartan Technology Solutions’ case management systems are configured to meet individual customer needs, resulting in increased productivity and data integrity. Our specialized case management software is easy to use with features that are designed for legal professionals and securely hosted in the GovCloud! Spartan is the trusted solution, with over 12 million citizens served by offices using Spartan!

How We're Different

Our case management system is the most comprehensive solution for government legal offices. With a focus on convenience and efficiency, our platform is all-inclusive, meaning there is no need for additional software such as PDF editing software or reporting software. The system includes full document management with best-in-class eDiscovery capabilities. Along with system automations, case assessments, and case tracks, our platform is the superior option for streamlining the technology needs of your office.

All Inclusive

No 3rd party software or installs required - even for redacting, bates stamping, document generation, and discovery.


Spartan's Assessments functionality calculates case scores to assist offices in decision making, such as if a case is eligible for a diversion program

Full Document Management

Users have full document management capabilities on any device, even without PDF or Word software installed

System Automations

Spartan's automation tools can auto update case information, generate documents, schedule events, send emails, and more.

Best-in-class eDiscovery

Spartan's eDiscovery portal allows attorneys to log in to a secure portal to view their cases and download discovery, with every step tracked.

Case Tracks

Pre-define case tracks to ensure cases are being completed according to office standards.

The Spartan Team

Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service and software development. We have many years of experience in designing applications specifically for lawyers, judges and other legal professionals who need software tools that will help them do their job more effectively; plus our customer support representatives are happy to go above and beyond to ensure our customer's success.

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