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Integrated Document Management

Spartan’s core case management functionality includes an integrated imaging (single document/batch) and document management system that enables the user to record and store many different types of media including Word® documents, PDF, images, audio, and video. The Filings screen also makes it easy for offices to generate and manage subpoenas, indictments, sentencing sheets, and more.

Manage Files Easily

Users can easily add and manage filings in several ways:

  • Add a file manually to the Filings screen

  • Use Word Merge to select from a list of user-defined documents

  • Drag-and-drop a file from the Desktop, Windows Explorer, or other location directly to the Filings screen

  • Scan a document into the Filings Screen

  • Import one or more files to the Filings screen

  • Add notes regarding a filing

  • Enter due dates and when to be notified that a filing is due

  • Send filings as attachments to emails

  • Open and redact scanned images and redact them, and save original images and redacted copies

More Features

Filings are table code driven and users can have as many as they want. Within the Case Filings Screen, users can search for key phrases within all documents. Spartan is capable of storing both an original version of a document and a redacted version of the same document on a case. In fact, the System includes a built-in editor that allows users to open the document from within the application and redact (i.e., black out) sensitive information. When the document is saved, both the original and the redacted version can be easily accessed from the case.

Spartan’s File Manager allows users to Create Folders and Subfolders on a case for complete document and imaging management. Many offices have used folders for Crime Scene Photos, Body Cam/Dash Cam videos, and trial prep documents, and more.

To add even more ability, Spartan’s Triggers and Actions functionality may be utilized to automatically send emails, alerts, create a document, and more when a specific filing is added, when a certain timeframe passes, etc.

Filings screen for managing documents

Document Management

Track every document related to a case, including folders, links, images, videos, audio, emails, and more.

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