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You're Going to Boot Camp!

Spartan's Boot Camp is our way of onboarding new customers. The methodologies of Spartan Boot Camp result from our experience in implementing criminal justice solutions over the course of over two decades. Spartan's onboarding process can give your office confidence with their new case management system implementation.

System Implementation

Spartan has formalized its standard project methodology into the Spartan Boot Camp. Spartan Boot Camp consists of 5 main phases or milestones.


The 5 phases of Spartan Boot Camp, include:

  • Phase 1: Project Kickoff

  • Phase 2: Requirements/Business Process Analysis

  • Phase 3: Customization, Data Migration, and System Integration

  • Phase 4: Business Process Review and User Acceptance Testing

  • Phase 5: Go-Live and Transition to Spartan Support

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