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Why Spartan?

Spartan has spent decades partnering with governmental legal offices and creating software solutions to promote best practices. With a relatively small team when compared to many government contractors, Spartan adds a personal touch to every customer interaction.


Additional Features

Spartan's case management systems are jammed full of features. Some more benefits you might be looking for can be found with:

  • Law Enforcement Inquiry: Officers can log in to a secure webpage to view their cases information such as upcoming events and more.

  • Batch processing: Allows users to easily add files and make updates to multiple cases at once.

  • Teams: Work together on cases with Spartan's Case Teams.

  • Searching: Users can search via a standard quick search or advanced search, or drill down to specific cases or parties with Spartan's Person Inquiry, Gang Inquiry, Newsworthy Cases, Global Search, Victim Searches, and more.

We have a lot more too, reach out to us to learn more!

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