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Software Support and Maintenance

One of the unique aspects of Spartan Technology Solutions, Inc. is our personal devotion to each customer.  At Spartan, we focus on developing long-standing relationships rather than a one-time engagement. Our dedicated team of support professionals has a sustainable passion and commitment to making every interaction a success. 

Spartan will work collaboratively with the customer to provide the best in technical assistance, continuing training, and ongoing support. Customers can openly communicate with Spartan technicians, business analysts, trainers, quality assurance, and support technicians via frequent e-mail, a toll-free telephone support line. Spartan uses modern technologies to provide virtually continuous, direct access between the company and the end-users, including remote desktop support and documentation downloads over the internet.

Customers can speak to Spartan Support team members through email and telephone. Customers can also submit support tickets online.

Customer Care

Customer Care Excellence is more than logging calls, meeting service level agreements, and responses sounding highly technical.  We truly believe we are “care givers.”  The Spartan Customer Care Team includes professionals from your backgrounds – judicial agencies, prosecuting agencies and legal offices, etc. – with wide-ranging experience and knowledge of our products. 

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance is included with support agreements. Part of our software maintenance brings new updates for customers throughout the year. Spartan's standard update forecasts includes:

  • Major Releases

  • Minor Releases

  • Product Patches

  • Hot Fixes

  • Product Enhancements

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