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Data Exchanges

System Integration

Sharing information is power – the power to increase efficiency and responding to the needs and demands of internal and external stakeholders.  Needs and demands for information can come from various partners, regulatory agencies and other entities.  Having the ability to provide it in real-time, overnight or other variations is what makes the difference between staying on track with case processing or waiting on information in order to begin.  We provide NIEM compliant interfaces between two or more offices with one directional or bi-directional interfaces. It is our main priority to connect you and ensure the information being transferred is secure and confidential… your process, our mission.

Spartan has experience developing interfaces and exchanges that conform to the NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) Standard.


Some examples of our completed interfaces include:

Law Enforcement Interfaces Broker

Spartan’s Law Enforcement Interface Broker is a Universal Jail / Law Enforcement interface system that can import data from a variety of services. One main advantage of our system is that each LE interface is treated as a plugin, allowing us to easily create interfaces for your specific needs. It is even possible to include multiple plugins to allow for several system interfaces at once!


Key Features:

  • The ability to import and view Jail / Booking data in the Spartan Jail Inquiry Application

  • Ability to add filings from a Law Enforcement Agency if the third party provides it.

  • Have multiple interfaces run at once, pulling from many differing third parties.

  • Ability to mark if a client is in Jail within the case.

  • Field level configuration to choose what data gets updated for each interface plugin.

  • Can run on a configurable schedule.

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