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Spartan Diversion

Pre-trial Intervention / Diversion Management

Spartan Diversion is a Pre-Trial Intervention / Diversion Management System. Spartan Diversion offers the ability to manage multiple diversion programs—including Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI), Drug Courts, Alcohol Education Programs, and Juvenile Arbitration/Diversion. Spartan’s PTI offers the ability to monitor requirements and sanctions, including but not limited to: drug screens, community service hours worked, and completed counseling sessions. The system tracks and updates requirements throughout the duration of the case and triggers activity reminders as necessary. PTI can be used as a stand-alone application or used in conjunction with PCMS/JCMS to import existing client and respective victim information.

PTI offers complete client management:

  • Enter new clients and search for clients using the Global Look-up System

  • Track restitution, victim fees, and payments

  • Waive fees, issue refunds, and print receipts

  • Track hours required for counseling and community service and hours completed by the client

  • Maintain expungements, drug court, and arbitration information


System Benefits:
  • Multiple levels of security

  • User-defined codes; table-drive application

  • Search for information a variety of ways

  • Track client biographical and demographic information

  • Optional web inquiry available for remote data access

  • Maintain individual user-defined client requirements and achievements

  • Track warrants and victims; collect victim payments


Key Features:
  • Expungements — Track expungements, print expungement orders, and secure expungement from unauthorized use

  • Multiple Client Letters — Print the same letter (e.g., acceptance notification) for multiple clients

  • Reports — Includes enhanced reporting options to assist with the management of case files

  • Word Merge — Generate any Word merge document at the case level by simply clicking an icon

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