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External Inquiries

Spartan has several external inquires to allow other stakeholders to view appropriate information. Spartan's web inquiries  aid your office with sharing discovery with opposing counsels, allowing officers to login to a secure website to view their cases' information and upcoming events and even upload reports and evidence directly to the system, and allowing citizens to view public data with our public inquiries with limited data access.

Example inquires for external access

The Spartan systems can be integrated with Public Inquiries for access to case information, including:

  • eDiscovery: Spartan's Attorney Inquiry, or eDiscovery tool, allows offices to make Discovery available to agency-defined opposing counsels straight from the application. Documents selected for discovery are sent electronically to the Attorney Web Inquiry, which is a secure website that allows only selected attorneys with a username and password to sign in to. The opposing counsel is notified that they have discovery available to view and download upon log-on. A history log is kept of discovery that has been viewed and downloaded.

  • Public Inquiry: Offers a centralized web portal fully integrated with Spartan CMS applications. With the Web Inquiry, time spent answering questions, looking up hearing dates, and even printing/emailing documents is reduced, as anyone with proper access can find this information on the Web. Additionally, Spartan can customize the Web Inquiry to match your existing website and will ensure that confidential data is secured.

  • Law Enforcement Inquiry: The LE Inquiry allows law enforcement officers to search for records stored in the Spartan CMS through a secure website.

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