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Image symbolizing Spartan Technology's journey to where we are now

About Us and Our Journey

How We Got Here

Spartan is led by our founder and CEO, Eddie Pruitt.

Eddie began his professional career in 1988 with Spartanburg County as a developer. At his time at Spartanburg County, he successfully implemented the County’s first court case management system. After working alongside the vendor during the implementation, the vendor offered him the position as a software developer. Through his 10 years with the vendor, that specialized in court case management software, he became their Application Development Manager overseeing all software design and development. During this time the vendor grew to have a customer base in 26 states and multiple countries.  In 1999, Eddie decided to begin his own venture, offering consulting services.

Eddie’s consulting work took him to various places including New York City and Atlanta.  It was through a consulting contract with Greenville County, that Eddie and his small team would complete the development of Spartan’s first Prosecutor Case Management System in 2003.

“I have been highly impressed with all of the Spartan software that we use in my office. The integration of Spartan applications significantly decreases data entry time and increases data accuracy. I would recommend Spartan’s products and services to everyone!”
-Bob Ariail, Solicitor of the 13th Judicial Circuit

The 13th Circuit enjoyed the system enough that they began recommending it to other Solicitor Offices throughout the State. One of Spartan’s first sales of the complete system was to its home county, Spartanburg, South Carolina, when it was led by former Solicitor and Congressman, the honorable Mr. Trey Gowdy.


Where We Are Now

Many years later, Spartan’s products have grown and are more capable, while being based on newer technologies, such as offering browser-independent, web-based systems. Spartan has grown from being a small consulting firm to being implemented across the Country and a major vendor in the judicial software industry. Spartan prides itself on its many service options, such as offering our Case Management Systems in our cloud-based hosting service, HostedbySpartan, and local installed options for offices that have already made an investment on local hardware.

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