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Image symbolizing Spartan Technology's journey to where we are now

About Us and Our Journey

How We Got Here

Spartan is led by our founder and CEO, Eddie Pruitt.

Eddie began his professional career in 1988 with Spartanburg County as a developer. At his time at Spartanburg County, he successfully implemented the County’s first court case management system. After working alongside the vendor during the implementation, the vendor offered him a position as a software developer. This accomplishment set his professional trajectory, leading to a decade of experience with the specialized court case management software vendor. During his tenure, Eddie directed all software design and development, guiding the company's expansion across 26 states and various countries.

Eddie’s consulting work took him to various places across the country, including large-scale contracts in New York City and Atlanta. In 2003 Eddie and his small team completed the development of Spartan's first Prosecutor Case Management System.

Spartan quickly grew our presence in South Carolina with active implementations ranging from Spartan Court in several Probate Courts, to Spartan Legal implemented statewide. 


Where We Are Now

Today, Spartan has grown to be a major player in the judicial software industry. Spartan’s products have grown and are more capable, while being based on newer technologies, such as offering browser-independent, web-based systems that are hosted securely on the GovCloud. Spartan has grown from being a small consulting firm to being implemented across the Country. Spartan prides ourselves on our diverse service offerings, including our cloud-based hosting service, HostedbySpartan, and locally installed options for offices that have invested in local hardware. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to delivering top-notch, secure, and user-friendly case management software to government agencies.

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