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Workflow Management

Advanced Workflow Tracking

Spartan’s Workflow Engine keeps workers and supervisors aware of the activities associated with each case. Workflows enforce business rules, assuring compliance with changing government regulations. Ticklers, alerts, and reminders are integrated into workflows, causing the system to display notifications automatically when it is time to complete a task.

  • Reminders can be based on a pre-determined date/time, may require the completion of other tasks, and are able to trigger the start of other, condition-based workflows.

  • Ticklers, alerts and other reminders can be configured to display at different times.

  • Spartan’s Workflow Engine provides case monitoring capabilities at supervisors’ fingertips.

  • Spartan’s Workflow Engine and Case Activities functionality allow for constructing user-defined checklists.

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook® task lists provides for individual and team notifications.

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