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Spartan eDiscovery

Spartan eDiscovery tracks the status of discovery for each case filing. Customers may can also group multiple files to a single discovery packet. Discovery is tracked from acceptance to downloads.

Seamless and Secure eDiscovery

Spartan understands small features can make large impacts on daily operations. Spartan's eDiscovery tool simplifies Discovery by allowing in-application discovery processing directly from the case. You decide if originals or redacted versions are eligible for discovery. Case files (documents, video, audio, etc.) can also be emailed directly to individuals or downloaded as needed.

Discovery Web Portal

Our eDiscovery portal allows the Customer’s office to make filings available to agency approved attorneys from within the system. Filings selected for discovery are made available on the Discovery Web Portal, which is a secure website that allows only selected and approved attorneys with a username and password to access. The opposing counsel is notified that they have electronic discovery available to view and download. Upon log-on they can accept the discovery and then view, print, or download the information. The best part, a history log is kept of discovery on every case which details what has been viewed and downloaded along with the user, date, and time.

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