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Quick FAQS About Spartan

Find more information below with some quick faqs about Spartan!

How Can I Request a Demo?

Just fill out a contact form and we will reach out to you to discuss your office's needs and schedule a demo.

What's your pricing?

Spartan does not provide one-size fits all installations. Because of this, we need to discuss exactly what you are looking for to provide a quote. Please fill out a contact form to have a representative reach out to you for more information.

Where is your system implemented?

Spartan has variations of its case managements solutions in several states and in all types of offices. We have successfully implemented in offices ranging from two users to statewide implementations with several hundred users. Spartan is the trusted solution, with over 5 million citizens served by offices using our software!

What is Spartan Prosecutor?

Spartan Prosecutor is a Prosecutor Case Management System (PCMS) for prosecuting offices that incorporates existing business process practices within a prosecutor’s office and systematizes them, significantly improving the Prosecuting Attorney’s ability to manage their work load. District Attorney Offices throughout many states use Spartan Prosecutor to manage their cases.

What is Spartan Defender?

Spartan Defender is a Public Defender Case Management System designed to meet the needs of the public defender with high volume practices and addresses the challenges specific to criminal defense.

What is HostedbySpartan?

HostedbySpartan customers do not have to maintain servers themselves, all server maintenance is done by Spartan through Amazon’s AWS hosting service. HostedbySpartan can allow your office to obtain a new, advanced Case Management System, without the headache of the hardware to run such a system.

Do You Have Intern Positions?

Yes! Spartan is a proud partner with many of the Colleges and Universities in the Upstate region. If you are interested in an internship send us some information about you, your skillset, and what you would like to learn as part of your internship and we will be in touch.

More Questions?

Reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

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