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Spartan Defender - Public Defender Case Management System

Case Management Software for Public Defender Offices

Spartan Defender is a Public Defender Case Management System designed to meet the needs of public defenders with high volume offices and addresses the challenges specific to criminal defense. Our cloud-based system provides an advanced case management solution that helps public defenders to better track, manage and complete cases from initiation to closure.


With our integrated document management system, users can easily access and edit documents from any location, on computers and tablets. Our automation tool, Triggers and Actions, saves time and resources by automatically updating case information and send reminders based on set triggers. In addition, you'll have access to automated reports that measure performance metrics as well as productivity of attorneys and staff members over time.

Spartan's Public Defender Case Management System can be fully integrated with external systems such as jail systems and state-level systems, making it a seamless solution for your practice. With HostedbySpartan, our hosting service, you can rest assured that your data is secure and accessible from anywhere.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

System Benefits:

  • Generate an unlimited number of custom designed Microsoft Word® merge templates

  • Store emails, imaged documents, videos, and other types of media with cases

  • Set up custom workflows and automated reminders

  • Optionally integrate with advanced technologies, such as Web modules and custom interfaces for communicating with external systems

  • Schedule any number of events, such as conferences, hearings, and meetings

  • Store unlimited notes/narratives

  • Run system-wide reports with Spartan’s Report Manager

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