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Spartan Defender

The Premier Public Defender Case Management System

Elevate Your Case Management with Spartan Defender

Spartan Defender stands out as a premier Public Defender Case Management System, designed specifically for the demands of high-volume public defense offices. Our cloud-based software offers an unmatched case management solution, empowering public defenders to seamlessly track, manage, and finalize cases from intake to closure.

With our integrated document management, users can effortlessly access and edit documents from any location, on computers or tablets. With our automation tool, Triggers and Actions,  offices save time and resources by automatically updating case information and sending reminders based on predetermined triggers. Furthermore, use automated reports to present performance metrics, along with the productivity trends of attorneys and staff members over time.

Spartan's Public Defender Case Management System is adaptable, supports integration with external systems, including local and state-level systems. Paired with HostedbySpartan, our CJIS Compliant hosting service, offices are granted the peace of mind that their data is both secure and available, anytime and anywhere.

Why is Spartan Defender the Best Choice?

  1. Unrivaled Functionality: Unlike other public defender case management systems, Spartan Defender packs in significantly more features, ensuring that every need is met comprehensively.

  2. Access Anywhere, Anytime: Edit and access your cases and documents seamlessly from any device with a standard browser.

  3. Smart Automation: Our Triggers and Actions tool offers automation in your public defense case management with automatic updates, automatic reminders, and more keeping you steps ahead.

  4. Integrations: From local systems to state court systems, Spartan Defender offers seamless integration with other systems to maximize office efficiencies.

  5. Security with Peace of Mind: With HostedbySpartan, rest easy knowing your data is protected and ready for you whenever you need.


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