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Spartan Probate Court Case Management System

Probate Court Case Management System, Marriage Licenses, and Online Case Inquires

With Spartan's Probate Court Case Management System, courts maintain granular control over every document, date, and case proceedings. Spartan's Probate Court Management solution offers a level of flexibility, customization, and automation superior to any other case management system for probate courts. Developed specifically for probate courts, the system delivers all the features Probate Courts expect in case management software. This highly configurable, robust system empowers courts with the ability to manage a variety of case types and subtypes, track events and filings, manage financials, set up reminders, and automatically calculate critical dates. Additionally, the system enforces accountability with court-defined codes, activities, and other items necessary for the proper execution and compliance of laws, rules, and regulations.

The Spartan Probate Court Case Management System offers an efficient, advanced solution for managing a variety of case types, including estates, adults/minors mental health, marriage licenses, adults/minors guardianships, and others, integrated with unlimited document generation and financial management.

Easy Case Entry

The Spartan Probate Court Case Management System includes an easy-to-use, intuitive entry screen for all case types/subtypes. For estates, case entry includes appointed dates, date of death, all parties associated with the case, inventory tracking, and an auto-assigned case number. Critical dates are automatically scheduled based on case type, subtype, and/or filings.

Unlimited Custom Filings, Forms, Documents, and Letters

Courts can design an unlimited number of custom documents, forms, and letters using functionality in the system combined with Microsoft Word® merges. Courts can also import emails and existing documents directly into the application, automatically attaching them to cases.

System Benefits Include: 

  • Manage various case types, including trust, estate, guardianship, conservatorship, marriage, adoption, and mental health cases

  • Ensure that the interests of beneficiaries are protected by accurate data management of estate cases

  • Automatically generate reminders of items due and create documents associated with the reminders, such as producing reminder letters or orders for show cause hearings

  • Includes payment and court cost processing

  • Interfaces with other Spartan applications to reduce data entry and improve data integrity

  • Offers multiple inquiry/search methods

  • Works in an environment of multiple agencies/offices

  • Provides automatic notification of case activities

  • User-defined, table-driven codes enable flexibility

  • Optional web inquiry enables access of case data from the Internet

  • Imposes multiple levels of security to protect sensitive data

  • Updates status changes, schedules, and more for multiple parties, virtually simultaneously

  • Offers imaging functionality, allowing the scanning and/or importation of electronic documents into the system

  • Enter unlimited number of notes, optionally sharing and securing notes

  • Includes standard reports and state electronic reporting

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