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Case Management Solutions

Quality Case Management Software Solutions

Spartan is pleased to offer a variety of outstanding software solutions and services with an emphasis on legal and judicial applications. Spartan’s judicial philosophy originates from flexibility and adaptability cornerstones. Our unique software design process, which includes an in-depth customer requirements analysis, results in intuitive, advanced solutions especially tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Spartan Technology delivers case management solutions facilitating the effective administration of justice.  Our systems simultaneously increase productivity and lower costs by eliminating data duplication and increasing office automation.

All Spartan Case Management Solutions are truly browser-based and able to be run on Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc. This allows users to pull up the application anywhere they have web connection – in court, working remotely, or from home! However, if your office desires a Window’s based application, the Spartan systems can also be run on a Windows platform with MS SQL Server. All offer intuitive, user-friendly screens with unlimited forms and document generation.  Additionally, unlike many other companies, we are willing to customize the software in order to meet the needs of the customer.

Spartan applications may be enhanced with fully integrated, innovative modules, including Spartan’s state of the art Imaging package and the Spartan Web Inquiry, a browser-based add-on that offers either restricted or unrestricted access to data over the Web.  Additionally, Spartan has experience building, managing, and using custom interfaces with external agencies for data exchange.

Spartan’s case management systems offer detailed case entry and intake, comprehensive person tracking, in-depth demographics, event entry with automated scheduling, multi-layer security, sophisticated reporting, user-defined table codes, and advanced workflows and alerts.


Fundamentals to our case management approach include:

  • Powerful easy-to-use searches

  • User-defined configuration/validation table codes for flexible setup

  • Customizable case numbering

  • Unlimited document and report generation

Spartan's Specialized Case Management Solutions

Staff working together

Prosecutor Case Management System

For Prosecutor Offices

Person working on computer

Public Defender Case Management System

For Public Defenders

Legal professional working on computer

Legal Case Management System

For general counsels and other legal departments

Judge on tablet

Court Case Management System

For Courts of all types

Staff working together

Pre-trial Intervention / Diversion Management

For Diversion Programs

Case Management Systems
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