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Spartan Legal - Legal Case Management System

Case Management System for Attorneys

Spartan Legal is a Legal Case Management System for attorneys that provides all of the tools needed for effective case management, starting with case initiation and continuing through case closure. The system offers a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and advanced features that make it easy to manage your cases effectively.


Our Legal Case Management System is designed to handle even the most complex legal cases, with customizable workflows and automated tasks to save you time and reduce errors. You can easily track important case information, such as deadlines, court dates, and case documents, from anywhere, at any time.


Spartan Legal also offers secure, role-based access controls, ensuring that only authorized users have access to sensitive case information. Additionally, our hosting service, HostedbySpartan securely hosts your data in the cloud and is compliant with relevant data privacy and security regulations, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected.


Automated Workflows

LCMS features advanced task tracking with workflows, case activities, and ticklers (e.g., alerts or reminders). With this functionality, agencies can design, manage, and implement virtually any kind of policy, business rule, or procedure, resulting in tremendous cost and time savings, increased efficiency, and greater overall productivity.

The dynamic, event-triggered Spartan Workflow Engine keeps workers and supervisors aware of the activities associated with each case. Workflows enforce business rules, assuring compliance with changing government regulations.

System Benefits

  • Generate an unlimited number of custom designed Microsoft Word® merge documents

  • Store emails, imaged documents, videos, and other types of media with cases

  • Set up custom workflows and automated reminders

  • Optionally integrate with advanced technologies, such as Web modules and custom interfaces for communicating with external systems

  • Schedule any number of events, such as conferences, hearings, and meetings

  • Store unlimited notes/narratives


Key Features of Spartan Legal Case Management System
  • Comprehensive Searches – Search by party name, case number, and many other data elements

  • User-Defined Case Types – Set up any case type with business rules – example: civil case types, family court, arbitration, etc.

  • Guarantee Confidentiality with Advanced, Multi-Tier Security – Configure multi-level security for individual users, functions, and user groups

  • Track Any Type of Information with User-Defined Fields – Track data not in the system by setting up custom fields

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