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Spartan Prosecutor

Prosecutor Case Management System

Spartan Prosecutor is a Prosecutor Case Management System (PCMS) for prosecuting offices that incorporates existing business process practices within a prosecutor’s office and systematizes them, significantly improving the Prosecuting Attorney’s ability to manage their work load. The software automates many time-consuming manual processes, enabling attorneys to review case progress, manage case assignments, generate statistical reports, and perform similar activities. The system includes a complete document imaging and indexing module, allowing offices to digitally archive records, reduce paper storage, and access documents from the desktop, as well as provide Electronic Discovery to Defense Attorneys. A variety of reports provide opportunities for prosecutors to submit accurate case information or other statistical information to inquiring agencies.

Spartan Prosecutor provides prosecutors with the ability to process various categories and types of cases differently. For example, prosecutors can track certain classifications of charges on different time tables to assist in managing a docket. The system notifies staff members of the tasks that need to be completed—Discovery Sent, Indictment Processed, Offer Letter Sent, etc. Tasks can be monitored through reporting within Spartan Prosecutor. These reports reflect the tasks completed, tasks that need to be completed, and tasks that are past due for completion.


Key Benefits

  • 100% web-based and mobile accessible

  • Stores word processing files, emails, imaged documents, videos, and other types of media on cases in the system

  • Uses table-driven codes to increase accuracy and validity of case data

  • Allows offices to define any number of case activities

  • Displays automated, pre-defined reminder messages when activities are due

  • eDiscovery with Attorney Portal

  • Robust Victim/Witness module

  • Supports unlimited document generation

  • Enables scheduling of events, such as conferences, meetings, and courtroom proceedings

  • Provides the ability to conduct comprehensive searches on case data

  • Supports user-defined case types for adult and juvenile

  • Allows creation of an unlimited number of custom reports with Report Manager

  • Stores case notes with the option for secured note entry

  • Provides for multi-level security for individual users, functions, and user groups

  • Manages detailed information on an any number of persons associated with a case, such as defendants and victims

  • Includes bar-coding of case files, enabling easy check-in and check-out of case files

  • Financial module provides the ability to receive payments, define costs and obligations, allocate payments, generate balancing reports, and more