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  • Luke Pruitt

Spartan's Journey to Improving Justice Nationwide

Spartan has transitioned from a local consulting firm to a significant force in the judicial software industry. Spartan's case management systems are designed to meet the needs to various types of government judicial offices.

Spartan's journey began with its founder and CEO, Eddie Pruitt, whose career started at Spartanburg County as a developer. There, he played a pivotal role in implementing the county's first court case management system. This project jump started his career path in the judicial case management industry. Drawing from his experience, Eddie founded Spartan and began providing his own case management software.

Today, Spartan Technology Solutions stands out for its comprehensive and all-inclusive software platform and customer centric approach to projects. Spartan strives to offer all functionality needed by offices such as PDF editing, detailed eDiscovery, text messaging, and custom reporting. At the same time, Spartan's customer care philosophy focuses on ensuring success through a combination of excellent project management, personalized business analysis and training, and customer support.

This approach has resulted in Spartan growing to 9 states, made up of a broad spectrum of clients ranging from prosecutors and public defenders to probate courts, appeals courts, and general legal offices. With this growth, Spartan maintains its commitment to delivering top-notch, secure, and user-friendly case management software to government agencies, demonstrating its dedication to enhancing justice and efficiency in government legal offices.


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